Esen Özdemir



STR: 14 +1
INT: 11
DEX: 12
WIS: 8
CON: 14 +1
CHA: 12

Disciplines: Telepathy, Teleportation


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05/06/3197 Don’t forget us planetside! I know you won’t forget your comrades, stuck in orbit while you get to enjoy the Ascension Ceremony, but it’d ease our troubled hearts if you brought us a little something from…
06/06/3197 RE: Been a Pleasure Not that this connection isn’t being monitored or anything. Wish I had some of what you’ve been knocking back, big fella.
06/06/3197 WHAT DID YOU DO? We’re confined to quarters up here, and there’re marines tearing through your rooms. I saw what was going on in the capital. I swear if any of you were involved I’ll personally…
25/09/3197 RE:DELETE ON RECEIPT I just want to confirm on that last protocol. We can’t make contact at all? And what if we happen to come across each other, or one of us is one of…
25/09/3197 RE:DELETE ON RECEIPT Yes ma’am.
26/09/3197 RE:The End. We’ll just let our training carry us with this. I’ll miss each of you morons, but we’ll get to see Sofia buy a round yet. Anyway, they’ll need us back by the…
13/04/3198 HELP Alright, I wouldn’t be posting this if it wasn’t urgent, but I really need to get off this backwater world. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t believe the scale of the…
20/04/3198 RE:HELP Nobody?
02/05/3198 RE:HELP I get it. If anyone is reading this, I got out, finally. Thought I saw one of you the other night, but I think it’s just been too long. I’m going quiet…
18/11/3198 RE:We’re not coming back Good riddance.
21/12/3198 RE:REMEMBER Yes.
22/12/3198 RE:VÖLUNDR FLIES DA12.
23/12/3198 RE:AWAIT ASSIGNMENT I am. Very patiently.
01/10/3199 RE:THE SOUTHER… Precious flax they spun.
01/11/3199 RE:SWORD IN HIS… Which I whetted.
01/01/3199 RE:I GET NO IN… He sat and never slept.
01/01/3200 RE:I GET NO IN… I thought this was an assignment. Why does this feel like a punishment detail? I’m not questioning commands after this long, but I think I could be much better deployed in other…
01/01/3200 RE:ffs esen Good point. I got in. Austerity Measure.

Esen Özdemir

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