Planets of interest

For navigational purposes, planets will be listed in the following format: Planet Name, Nav Designation (Hyperspace Entanglement Xenolith [HEX] Designation)

Samos, Megara V (HEX007)

Notable Tech Level 4 (TL4 Planets)

Abhilasha, Nirmala III (HEX601)

Abhilasha is an oceanic planet, it only has one planetary spaceport, Fisherman’s Wharf, located on the planet’s only island. It’s strong maritime tradition leads to relatively few exports. This world has had minimal contact with the rest of the sector.

Ahlam, Toriano VI (HEX406)

Ahlam is a troubled world. Though it’s biosphere is human-miscible it is a desert planet. Water is a pivotal resource that has been hoarded and warred over. A civil war has recently broken out, and it’s a dead heat between the warlords and the government to control what water sources the planet has.

Hallgerd, Mena X (HEX401)

Homeworld of the [[White Swan Conglomerate, a regional hegemony and White Swan Industries, it’s back pocket shipyard. Hallgerd churns out ships at an exceptional rate, this gives the Conglomerate a solid economic backbone, to support it’s colonization and expansion. See also Ragna, Philemon, Democoon.

Paphos, Rasheeda V (HEX700)

Paphos is a very controversial world, genetic engineering and eugenics has dirastically changed the physical appearance of their peoples. The planet is currently undergoing a civil war, due to these issues. See also The Paphos Ultimo.

Salwa, Merukides IX (HEX402)

Salwa is a strange and complicated world, outsiders can find it excessively hard to get very far with them, but with a strong core of masterwork crafts it can be very rewarding for those who can get past the culture’s rigid tradition.

Samos, Megara V (HEX407)

Samos is a major trade hub, it’s specialty is psitech, it’s psychic academy is one of the greatest in the sector. Full of researchers and trade princes. This also leads to some fairly unsavoury types on planet.

Tyna, Anita V (HEX706)

Tyna is a relic of a time before desperation, a time when beauty and technology were intrinsically linked. It’s engineered biosphere and frozen climate pull together some of the most beautiful sights in the sector. And it’s government works hard to keep it that way.

Notable Tech Level 3 (TL3 Planets)

No Entries.

Notable Lower Tech Level Planets (TL3 and lower Planets)

No Entries.

Notable Higher Tech Level Planets (TL4+ & TL5)

Montt, Euneus V (HEX508)

Montt has been theorised to be the pre-scream sector capital. The planet’s surface is ravaged by storms. The vast majority of it’s citizen ship dwell in aerostats, large balloon like structures that float in it’s dense atmosphere. It’s pre-scream ruins are fabled among archaeologists, archaeologists and treasure hunters.


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