Austerity Measures

A New Year For Vallhallen Zeta

Exchange Bulletin 5/01/3200

People are climbing on the matte black carapace, parts of it lie open, with their hands in its inside, playing with its nerves and muscles. Just under 50 meters, the beast murmurs gently to itself, straining it’s containment, chomping at the bit. The engine diagnostics completed, it sleeps again. A man sits looking at it, steam rising from his cup as he thumbs on a data pad. The signal crackles. He knocks it against a nearby crate. The broadcast begins.

-from all of us at Exchange Broadcasting.

In recent news, Ragna the last independent planet in the Bello system has given up it’s title. As of Monday 2nd of January, the planet is now a protected member of the White Swan Conglomerate. The TL4 planet has always been considerably pro-MES and many have spoken out against the government’s perceived submission to a greater military force. Kaidory Sigrun, White Swan’s president elect, issued a statement saying that all suffers of MES will be receiving the most advanced forms of treatment in their new state of the art, care facilities.

This is not the first time that White Swan has had issues with their treatment of MES suffers, they recently came under fire over their new navy task force, which was proposed to “reeducate victims of MES and have them aid the state against the threat of dangerous and unstable sufferers”. Rumors have abound that the real reason the project was axed was due to terrorist actions.

In contrasting news, the Paphos Ultimo have taken their first steps outside of their own gravity well, extending an unlikely olive branch to the world of Munonda, the group have built a new chapter house on the planet’s capital city, Bandari. Munonda’s culture is strongly based around those around MES, they are exalted by the planet’s faith. The Ultimo, a gengineered race of altered humanity, believe that they are the next step in human evolution, this move could say that they believe similar about those with MES.

In Science and Technology, Marquez Zaibatsu have unveiled a new line of limb prostheses, Ichinyo. These limbs surpass previous itterations, users report having articulation that surpasses their human limbs. Marquez Zaibatsu also say that these limbs have astonishing reaction times and abilities when used with their other mil-spec products.

The Ichinyo line was delayed from it’s December launch window by actions undertaken by the Morningstar Autonomist Movement. Their coordinated attack and bombing of Marquez offices and factories contributed to the recent increase in price of consumer cybernetics. Morningstar after claiming responsibility for the attacks accused Marquez Zaibatsu of illegal rationing of water and oxygen in labour staff sections.

Marquez rejects all claims and has doubled air patrols around manufacturing aerostats.

In Education and Youth, Samos is still on the look out for several students who went missing, Naimah Shadi, Alister Grayling & Theodore Chen, were last seen leaving their spatial dynamics lecture, taught by Dr. Eudin Sha’lai Kir, a Sha guest lecturer. Dr. Kir has been questioned by Ecclesia University security forces, but they do not believe that the Sha is responsible.

A new psychoactive substance called ‘wunderkin’ or ‘wunder gum’ has been sweeping tech level 4 planets, the exchange has issued a recommendation for a sector wide ban. Samos, White Swan Conglomerate, and several other governments have agreed and enforced bans of their own. Not much is known about it at this time, proprietary research has found it to have an addiction index higher than most opiates.

In sports, it’s gliding season in Monnt, Rebjaw Carden is the current favorite for first place, but will the Montt local, and current underdog, Idowu Lopez, dethrone him of his five year win streak.

We have an interview with Lopez with sports lead Ad-

The feed cuts out. The empty polymer cup is thrown into the trash. One by one the men leave. Light plays over the white paint on one side, Austerity Measure, glinting in the flat darkness of it’s skin.


Sonnet Sonnet

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