Xenospecies of interest

Sha, Doka, Sarfraz VI (HEX003)

Body Type: Humanoid
Cultural Aspects: Honour, Tradition, Artisanry
Structure: Monarchich, Oligarchic, Tribal
MES Capable: Yes

Ejmo, Nomadic

Body Type: Avian
Cultural Aspects: Tradition, Morbidity
Structure: Democratic
MES Capable: No

Mo’hp’su, Dispora

Body Type: Reptilian
Cultural Aspects: Curiosity, Pacifism
Structure: Tribal
MES Capable: No

Sruchas, Unknown

Body Type: Exotic Avian
Cultural Aspects: Unknown
Structure: Unknown
MES Capable: Unknown

N.B. Extremely dangerous, few who have encountered this species have survived.


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